What we do

We Showcase

We Showcase the Creativity of Children with special needs. We believe that Every child has an untapped potential, hence our approach to use arts and craft exposure as a creative strategy to increase awareness and advocacy for an inclusive and enabling basic education for children with disabilities

We Inspire

We Inspire Agency and aptitudes of Children with Special needs. Through proposed activities we provoke their spontaneity and creativity as children. We show them there's more to life than their physiologically imposed limitations. We Inspire them to reach out for their innate potential which is not "different" from other children of their age but "special".

We Reinforce Learning

We reinforce learning through our collaboration with special education experts to provide training for teachers on Inclusive teaching methodology and coaching skills needed to nurture children with special needs. Keeping in focus that the raising children is subject to multicultural and social statuses. Hence the need to build the requisite skills to match demands.

We Advocate

We advocate for or a more inclusive education system where young persons with special needs can thrive and achieve their fullest potentials. We Create a platform for knowledge sharing between inclusive and non-inclusive schools thus breaking the social and phychological barrier existing between children, teachers and even parents.

We Create Awareness

We create awareness on the Rights of Persons with Special Needs which are often overlooked due to non existent or little knowledge on the subject matter. The gap in knowledge doesn't only concern stakeholders but persons with special needs themselves. We inform, counsel and support the diffusion of knowledge regarding the rights of persons with special needs.

We Build

We build Social assets for young persons with Special needs through creating linkages and referrals between them and the supply side. Understanding the effects of social networks and mentorship to the development of young persons , we facilitate psychosocial support for young persons with special needs through our workshops, arts exhibitions, and trainings.