“The beauty of life lies within the possibilities of a man’s might. One is able to respond and perform on an outcome, according to his giftings and aptitudes, while another is able to express his functionality in a unique or dynamic pattern within an enabling environment.”

Deborah Brown Majekodunmi
(Executive Creative Director KidsABILITY Initiative)

Who we are

KidsABILITY is a NonProfit initiative aimed at raising advocacy for inclusive education and an enabling environment for persons with special needs to thrive and achieve their full potential. We are a co-creational hub that offers a platform to inspire creativity and agency among children with special needs who are naturally gifted in creative arts and building technology. Through our range of creative services  and exposure, we showcase the abilities of our participants to stakeholders within the education sector in a bid to influence their system with persons with special needs at all levels

What we do

We showcase the creativity of children with special needs. We believe that every child has an untapped potential, hence our approach to use arts and craft exposure as a creative strategy to increase awareness and advocacy for inclusive and enabling basic education for children with disabilities.




Completed Journeys





KidsABILITY Art Collectives

The art collection was created by a group of special needs children during Art workshops and exhibitions organized by KidsABILITY Initiative across West Africa as an expression of their needs and notion on inclusion at community and school levels. Promoting these body of works is our strategy towards campaigning for an intersectional approach in addressing disability inclusion at community and national level for the overall well-being of special needs children.