Rethinking Inclusion:The Dynamics of Being DIFFERENTLY ABLED

Influencing individual attitudes towards Persons with Disabilities is the first step towards contributing to the build-up of a resilient community that embraces diversity and respects the rights of every individual. The overarching goal of KidsABILITY Nigeria Project is to influence the perception and behaviour of people towards Persons with Disabilities. The project was conceptualized and implemented by Perl D’Afriq Concept- an African Inspired arts and craft social enterprise that explores arts as a tool to impact the lives of disadvantaged/marginalised individuals and groups in Nigeria as well as other African countries.

In close partnership with British Council Nigeria, Cedar Seed Foundation, ActionAid Nigeria, One Environment, Kryeative Ethics and BixyKoncept, Perl D’Afriq Concept implemented KidsABILITY Project in Nigeria from the 22nd and 23rd of June, 2018. Being an inclusive education and advocacy initiative, the project aimed at influencing teachers, proprietors, educationists and the government to adopt inclusive education methods in their teaching approach and also make their spaces disability friendly so that children with disabilities can have more access and options for basic education. The project adopts Arts and Craft as a strategy to showcase the strength, talent, creativity and spontaneity of Children with Disabilities..

In an Arts and Craft workshop held on the 22nd of June, 2018 at British Council Nigeria, 53 participating children with disabilities aged 5-18 years produced paper art works, paintings and pencil drawing, fabric craft works and beads crafts. The theme of the works produced was “My world of Possibilities”. Kids expressed their future career ambitions and their inspiration through their drawings, paintings and craft works.

On the 23rd of June stakeholders within the education and development sector was hosted in an open discussion forum to see the works of the kids exhibited and also watch and listen to visual art performances of the kids (music and drama). Key messages from the art illustrations and presentations led discussions on inclusive education and the role of each stakeholder in building a stronger and more resilient community that recognises diversity.


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