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We create awareness on the Rights of Persons with Special Needs

Our Story

The KidsABILITY Initiative started in 2016 as an outreach of Perl D’Afriq Concepts in Southern Nigeria; an arts craft social enterprise founded by Deborah Brown to showcase the creativity of Africans.

The Project was extended to Ghana in 2017, in collaboration with Centre for the Employment of Persons with Disabilities and Ghana Disability Council, focusing implementation on showcasing the creativity of children with disabilities.
In 2018, the project was supported by British Council Nigeria, Action Aid, Cedar Seed Foundation, Universal Basic Education Board and other strategic partners to scale up impact in Nigeria (Abuja). This increased the reach to over 1700 participants including children with disabilities, care givers, CSOs and other education stakeholders.

Increasingly, the project’s advocacy component “#LetPWDsThrive” has reached thousands of online audience; increasing awareness on the rights and abilities of persons with special needs and influencing contributors and gatekeepers to take on initiatives to foster a resilient, inclusive and enabling community, for PWDs to thrive and fufill their life potentials.

The Project is led by Perl D’Afriq Concept, a social enterprise that aims to showcase the creativity, skills and beauty of the African nature through her epical themed crafts and social intervention programmes that targets different sectors and marginalized groups.

The KidsABILITY Initiative is driven towards the following outcomes;

  • Improved self-esteem of children with disabilities
  • Increased awareness on inclusive education and the learning needs of children with special needs
  •  Galvanised action and advocacy for inclusive education and project sustainability(establishment of a special persons creativity hub)

Our Mission

Advocating for the Education of Children with Disabilities by engaging education stakeholders and raising awareness by showcasing the creative abilities of the children through Arts, Craft and STEM exposure Programmes.

Our Vision

Access to quality education for Children with Disabilities to maximize their potential.

Our Goal

To reduce the number of out of school children with disabilities in the countries where we work.

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Join hands with us for a better life and beautiful future.

3 Years in Action

Together with our strong team of volunteers KidsABILITY Initiative have been able to reach over 7000 Children with Disabilities and their Caregivers(parents and teachers), School Managers, Members of Government Education Secretariat and Civil Society Organisations through our activities in Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Ghana.

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